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Automated trading strategies that help navigate volatility 

Backtest & validate strategies with 10+ years of market historic data

AI driven tools to automate strategy execution with minimal slippage

Fast signal to execution time of <1s to manage market spurts


Taking Your trading business to
the Next Level

Proven pre-built strategies

Range of fully customisable intraday & positional strategies with consistent risk-rewards. 

Customized Strategy Development

Codify, validate and improvise your favourite strategies with 10+ years of market data

Automated Strategy Execution

 AI driven automation tools, with near-zero lag and fast execution to reduce slippages.


We’re Good with Numbers


Years of Team domain expertise


Stategies Deployed 


Av. Returns - CAGR%


Finance+Technology expertise at your service

Our team of expert technical analysts and software engineers have 50+ years of combined professional experience. Our team has analysed performance of thousands of strategies  (intraday /positional, delta positive/neutral, theta capture etc), under various market cycles.

Our offerings of proven pre-built strategies are fully customised to suit individual risk and reward appetites. Our AI enhanced automation tools provide seamless fully robotic trading experiences, that reduce slippage and help manage market volatility  

Our technology service experts help to code your own favourite trading strategies and validate them with 10+ years of market historic exchange data. We help improvise returns and reduce drawdown, with proven trading automation tools.



Let’s Work Together

407 Runwal R Square Commercial Centre,

LBS Marg, Mulund West,

Mumbai 400 080

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